【Registered Patent】New Technology That Revolutionizes Conventional Methods of Live Fish Transportation - the Gyokatsu Box Puts Live Fish to Sleep

* To apply the anesthesia, you should separately prepare
the required portable anesthetic equipment from Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd.,
in addition to the Gyokatsu Box.

What is the Gyokatsu Box?

Keeping fish literally “alive and fresh from the sea”

Conventional methods of transporting live fish have often resulted in weakened fish due to the stress they incur during transportation, and these methods have never been highly regarded, in terms of either quality or efficiency. With the aim of delivering high-quality live fish to customers at lower cost, we have developed a special container called the “Gyokatsu Box” (“Gyokatsu” is Japanese for “live fish”). By applying cutting-edge technology, the Gyokatsu Box has made it possible to transport live fish in a state of low activation that is less stressful for the fish.

* To apply the anesthesia, you should separately prepare the required portable anesthetic equipment from Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd., in addition to the Gyokatsu Box.

Registered Patent

Three Key Points

The Gyokatsu Box is recommendable for those who wish to:

Advantages of introducing the Gyokatsu Box

Achieving higher fish prices, cost reduction and labor saving

Fish species suitable for transportation by the Gyokatsu BoxThe following is a list of fish species for which the verification process from sleep to a wakened state was successfully completed. Verifications for other species will be conducted as the occasion arises.

Fish species suitable for transportation by the Gyokatsu Box

*These photos are for illustrative purposes.

Media coverage

The Gyokatsu Box has been covered by many TV programs.


Japan’s cutting-edge live fish logistics technology and transportation equipment have realized the sustainable procurement of high-quality “live fish,” enabling our customers to differentiate themselves from their competitors

Recently, fish have attracted worldwide attention as an excellent source of protein, amid expanding global population growth and an increasing trend toward health and wellness.

Under these circumstances, countries around the world are competing for fishery resources, which have consequently been steadily declining. Despite the recent progress of aquaculture industries, given environmental problems, it is clear that fishery resources will become even less available in the future, and their prices will continue to soar. There is growing concern over securing fishery resources on a global scale.

In conjunction with the depleting fishery resources, environmental destruction resulting from overdevelopment of aquaculture grounds has become a significant matter of concern. To address these issues, the global community needs to seek a better approach to sustainably securing fishery resources.

We at Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd. believe that live fish represent truly delicious and sustainable fishery resources, and that expanding the distribution network for live fish is an essential means of resolving concerns over marine resources.

Expansion of the live fish distribution network will ensure the supply of fresh and safe fish when and where they are needed, without wasting limited fishery resources. As another feature of live fish, they can be killed before food preparation at just the right timing. This feature is extremely useful for serving sushi and other fish dishes, allowing you to offer high quality and value that will differentiate your company from your competitors.

Nikken Lease Kogyo has developed the Gyokatsu Box, an innovative container to transport or temporarily farm larger quantities of live fish at lower cost, facilitating more efficient distribution of live fish.

The Gyokatsu Box is an invention of our Company, geared to the transportation and temporary farming of live fish. It realizes the securing of high-quality fishery resources at low cost. The development of this technology could only have been achieved in Japan, a country characterized by long-established fishery resources and sushi culture. This novel transportation device incorporates Japan’s cutting-edge technology. The Gyokatsu Box will help improve your company’s ability to procure fishery resources, and enhance your corporate value.

The Gyokatsu Box will enable you to:

Nikken Lease Kogyo marks its 54th anniversary this year, as a company that has continued to bring innovation to the fisheries industry. The Company boasts Japan’s No.1 technology in the field of live fish transportation. As for other fisheries businesses, Nikken Lease Kogyo has also been active in operating large-scale underground seawater farms and live fish farming centers across Japan, thereby contributing to the sustainable procurement of fishery resources.

Our Company strives to realize the procurement of high-quality live fish at lower cost, by promoting its live fish transport container the “Gyokatsu Box” as well as live fish transporting technology. We are committed to supporting your sustainable business expansion, and helping you to differentiate your company from your competitors by enhancing your corporate value.

Tadakatsu Sekiyama
President and CEO, Nikken Lease Kogyo Co.

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