Message from the Founder

Nikken Rentacom Group is at the forefront of this age when, corporations are now changing gears to create more outputs from property.
The desire for more property has led to the waste of our resources and pollution at a global level. Competitions between the foreign companies have forced us to increase production rates while reducing costs. Due to these reasons, we are now attempting to maximize the usage of our resources. Both at the corporate and private levels, resources should be put to function according to the needs to increase cost-performance.
Now is the time for us to consider about resources and our environment.
Rental and lease services allow output to be produced from property. These services not only is an effective measure to resolve the environmental problems faced today but is also a way in which corporates can reduce costs and increase efficiency levels. There is no doubt that this the optimal shape design of industries in the 21st century.
Established in 1967, Nikken Rentacom Group began its rental services of hypothetical resources for construction industries ahead of its time, contributing both to the society and the environment.
To meet various needs of the ever-changing social systems, we are now about to arrive to the second establishment of our company. At this arrival, Nikken Rentacom Group seeks to further expand its reach on industries of various domains. As pioneers in this field, we aim to venture into distribution and nursing industries.
Ultimately, Nikken Rentacom Group will be the leading lease industry of the 21st century contributing to increasing outputs of the social environment and economy.

Tadashi Sekiyama

Nikken Rentacom Group Founder

Message from the President

Being the president of Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd., I am honored to state my greetings.
“Social contribution through rentals”
Using the mission statement displayed above, Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd. created the viewpoint of “ownership” to “practical useage.” Our effective usage on limited resources, reasonable procurement of merchandise, and business efficiency allows us to provide services to our customers with affordable costs.
The “temporary lightweight equipment” that our company have been handling from when we were established uses indispensable material that is also focused on safety. Quantity and variety of equipment becomes a huge factor depending on the scale of construction needed. However, after the construction is completed, it becomes necessary to withdraw the equipment and operators must perform maintenance. Since this leads to extra labor and costs, about 90 percent of the construction supplies used in Japan are rented.
An effective use of resources = “what you need, when you need it, for just the required period of time.” This type of usage isn’t limited to the construction industry but all kinds of industries. In this generation, “ownership” of equipment is migrating to becoming simply “practical usage.” Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd. started as being only in the field of renting construction equipment and expanded to having various types of genres for various types of customers. Unit houses and offices for corporations, nursing supplies aimed towards contributing to the decreasing birthrate, and distribution equipment to contribute to the amount of equipment purchased and disposed after usage. With these four being our main fields, we will continue expanding our area and fields of equipment, have our customers be pleased with our services, and pursue our business model.
As always, we will adjust to the generation by actively developing and promoting our rental business. We kindly ask all of our customers for a continuation of your support. Thank you.

Tadakatsu Sekiyama

President & CEO