Nikken’s management philosophy (founder’s spirit) is that the founder, Tadashi Sekiyama, gathers each employee’s heart and wisdom in order to develop by providing outstanding service. This is the employee code of conduct that was created for the creation of happiness to become a reality to all.
“Great Contribution to Society and
Creation of Happiness through Rentals.”


  1. Harmony among people shall be regarded as venerable, the Union shall be regarded as the power
  2. Prosperity of the company shall be regarded as virtue, one who try to do his/her best shall be regarded as the right
  3. What the society needs shall be regarded as the heart, celsus shall be regarded as our soul

From the day Tadashi Sekiyama founded Nikken Lease Kogyo Co., Ltd. we have continued to expand our business by using this statement as our policy. No matter what types of new fields and business operations arise, we will continue developing and contribute to them since our first principle is the satisfaction of our customers.

While the interest in environmental issues are growing socially in recent years, Nikken Rentacom Group will continue being the “leading corporation of rental service,” as well as continuing to contribute to society, just as stated in our mission statement.